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Cut flowers are, oh, so pretty, but also expensive and only last for a short while.

It is therefore important to extend the life of cut flowers for as long as possible, while keeping them looking beautiful and fresh. No-one likes a wilted flower arrangement, after all!

After proper handling, preparation and care for your fresh flowers, floral preservatives and plant food are the most important part of this process, as they disinfect, kill bacteria, feed the plant, and help maintain the freshness of the flowers for longer.

Of course, there are many commercial flower preservatives and plant foods available, but chances are you won't have any handy next time you get that flower bouquet surprise! So, you'll have to make your own but, luckily, its very easy, free, and we'll show you how.

We have several good recipes for simple and all-natural homemade floral preservatives and food, that will keep your lovely cut flower arrangements beautiful and lasting as long as possible:
  1. Floral Preservative Recipe #1
  2. Floral Preservative Recipe #2
  3. Floral Preservative Recipe #3
  4. Floral Preservative Recipe #4
  5. Floral Preservative Recipe #5
Feel free to experiment with the recipes, and see which one works best for you and has the longest-lasting results.

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